Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch

717GezrbQRL._SL1500_You may know that the Brother has supplied qualified serger to customer in the past few years.
Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch is one of the best representative.And the cover stich is belong to the serger family.As its name mentioned, the clothes appliance creates the coverstich,the chain stiches,interlocked loops that you often see on the T-shirt hems.You will know why the manufacture is so popular with amounts of customers when you see the clothes appliance with a wide range of wonderful features and considerable prize.
The cover stitchThe cover stitch is a kind of serger type stitch which is often seen on the cuffs,collars,and hems.It looks beautiful and help prevent the fabric from fraying.The useful stitch is not only used for finishing the fabric,but also creat the decorective drape.It is required 2 or 3 needles to creat the stitch.It dose well in circular hem and make a great function on stretchy gramble.The dicorative sewing is also available through the special stitch.You can also get the belt loop stitch result with the appliance.Easy to use

You may know that the the 1034D is easy to use.and the clothes machine also have the important feature for newbie.Thanks to the considerable design.The problem of costing extra energy and time to adopt to the fresh appliance don’t exist any longer.In details,Some customer says that it take them little time to get used to the appliance,but they can contol the fancy machine after some regular use.And they find it is easy to re- thread if necessary.You will happy to find that the hole is easily accessed.So you needn’t worry about  costing extra energy to thread the needle.You know,how troublesome it is.

Other features

With the 1,2,3 needle options,you can easily creat the utility,flatlock,and decoractive stitches.The different feeds ensure that the speed at which your fabric is feeding is suitable.Numbered and color-coordinated tension points make thread the machine simplely.Nobody hope that the serger machine is hard to thread.The stitch lenghth is 2.0 mm to 4.0 mm so that it can work well on the different fabric.By the way,the stitch wide is 3.0 or 6.0.The accessories accessory with spool mats,spool caps,cleaning brush,tweezer,needle set,so you needn,t spend extra money to buy the modules.


 Conclosion &customer reviews

Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch has a wide range of useful features.In addition,its prize is also resonable.You know,the expensive serger may have some fresh fuction.But it is more suitable for you if you mainly do traditional thread work.There are more than 50 reviews on the Amazon,and most of them is active.And it rank 4 of 5 stars on the website.This is a good remark.Some customers may worried about the problem of manual thread system.But it mayn’t be a insue.Because there are a lot of instrutional vedios and blogs.with them,you will get used to the sew appliance quick.Overal ,it can be proved to be a nice purchase as time goes by.

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